How to play:

Use A & D to move left and right.

Use W to jump.

Press S to quickly go in the opposite directions and to change colours

Aim for bubbles with the same colour (Reply to XCVG: By same colour, I mean the same colour as your player.) to add to the score on the top left.

If you get hit by a different colour, your health will go down.

Your health is represented as a dark outline on your character.  The darker the outline, the less health you bare.

If you get hit by the glowing pulsar under any circumstances, you will loose the score you worked hard for one by one.

Aim: Try to get a high score!

*Click for full screen and sound!

Press R to turn back time when you perish.


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Everything, including the physics was made myself.

sweet a e s t h e t i c s

thank you!

Tottaly agree